Responsible Tourism

  • Educate yourself on the place you are going to visit

  • Be considerate of the communities and environment you visit

  • Don’t litter

  • Try to avoid excessive waste and the use of plastic bottle

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Support the local economy. Buy locally made souvenirs, eat at local restaurants – enjoy the local culture!

  • Support responsible tourism organizations – those operators who publicly are aiming to make tourism more responsible.

  • Dress respectively

  • Do not purchase or eat endangered species

  • Always ask before taking photographs

  • Use water sparingly

  • Reduce rubbish

  • Reduce pack weight

  • If travelling with other people, please stay together

  • If travelling along a trail, please stay in the width of the trail

  • Loud noises are not welcome in natural areas.

  • Don’t walk through desert puddles, mud holes or disturb surfaces

  • Never scrape away or clean sites of organic litter like leaves

  • Minimise the removal of rocks and gravels

  • It is illegal to remove or disturb archaeological sites

  • It is illegal to remove natural objects

  • Never leave a fire unattended when camping

  • Do not touch or get too close to, feed or pick up wild animals


Offriamo un'esperienza autentica dell'ambiente naturale del Sud Africa che ti permetterà di comprendere meglio l'unicità della sua fauna e flora e l'importanza di preservarlo per le generazioni future. Rispettiamo e conserviamo l'ambiente naturale.

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