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Lion's Head

The best way to start the day is to go hiking up Lion's Head and take some fresh air! It takes about 1.5 hours to complete the route but it depends on the number of stops you require to take pictures and catch your breath!

The mountain is 667 m high and it really looks like a lion if seen from afar; while the City of Cape Town looks like a bowl, flunked by the Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean.

Lion's Head and Signal Hill on a clear day

I usually take the Non Circular Route, a less busy path, walking towards the rump (Signal Hill) but this time I could not do so I had to return and take the Circular Route.

The Non circular route is currently blocked by SANPark for conservation purposes, which imply the allocation of various 'Rehabilitation of Vegetation' signs along some of the routes and allegedly short-cuts.

This will prevent further erosion in sensitive areas of the mountain, by blocking the access to people and allowing the rehabilitation of the indigenous plants.

Lobostemon fruticosus or luibos with Table Mountain on the background

The Circular Route is child friendly, you walk along gravel road and rocks until you reach the chains section of Lion's Head where strong staples are attached onto the rocks for assistance. You can also take the recommended route, which is longer but less steep.

I have encountered a common resident in fynbos, the endemic Cape Grassbird along the route, where the chain section is.

I have spotted it twice in the same area and this is because it is a territorial bird from the Warblers family.

I had a tea break on the top of the mountain where you have a beautiful view of 360 degrees of Cape Town from the Atlantic seaside...

..to the Southern Suburb

The Twelve Apostoles from the top at 667m of altitude

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